Software Negotiations by Showing Respect!

Software Negotiations by Showing Respect!

You Lose Nothing in Software Negotiations by Showing Respect!

Here is something that costs nothing but can really help when selling software or other IT products or services, or otherwise in software negotiations. As a software attorney, I can tell you this can make a difference.

Think about it: when negotiating with a purchasing manager or member of the IT department, you are dealing with a person at the other end of the phone (yes, I have worked with people that forget this basic fact). There are probably a lot of other things going on in their mind or life, besides buying the software, so a little respect can go a long way. By the way, all this means is showing ‘regard or consideration for, courtesy or deference.’ This is not hard stuff.

This may be as simple as:

  1. making sure you address/listen to all their concerns and issues,
  2. don’t talk down to them (on the phone or in email),
  3. under-commit and over-deliver (don’t do the opposite),
  4. realizing they are not simply a check box in the buying process, and
  5. remembering that they will be taking a risk (putting their reputation on the line) if they select you as a vendor.

When I work with software or cloud based clients as an attorney, I try to remind them of this very simple truth.

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