• Jeremy is extremely knowledgeable, and responsive. Been going to him for years. Software Service Agreements, Maintenance Agreements, Contracts, Non Competes, Aber Law Firm has always delivered for us.

    CEO of Buildable.com

  • Aber Law has been indispensable for us at Invoiced. Jeremy has helped us navigate individual contract negotiations, develop an overall strategy for our customer agreements, and bring our terms of service in compliance with GDPR. He truly is an expert in SaaS contracts.

    Google Review May 2019 from CEO of Invoiced.com

  • We have used Jeremy for the last 7 years and he has provided tremendous value and has been a true business partner! He has simplified our contracting process and ensured we stay on top of most recent security and privacy policies.

    Rob Merklinger, Salary.com

  • The Aber Law Firm is the holy grail if you are in software or work in the Saas model. I have worked with big expensive firms and found the Aber Law Firm to be faster, easier to understand and communicate with, and more focused on the subtleties of my business. I feel confident that my agreements are balanced and will be met with respect and professionalism. I suggest if you need an expert in this area, then Jeremy Aber and his team are excellent to work with.

    Ken Garf, CEO, AMP Media Systems

  • I don't know how he does it, but his contracts are shorter and really simple. This helps us sell more software.

    Jim Tedesco, SVP SalesScriptLogic (now Quest Software)

  • Fast growing software companies need customer agreements that are short, simple, and written in plain English. If you want to eliminate sales objections and make it easier for your customers to do business with you, you need to call Jeremy Aber. Like us, you'll be glad you did.

    Dan Rodrigues, CEOKareo

  • I have worked with Jeremy for years, and he truly understands the software industry. His advice is practical and insightful. His approach and experience helps to simplify the complex and makes the job of the operations team less difficult.

    Larry Thompson, CFOSpectorSoft

  • Highest quality solid business counsel in my career! Jeremy knows how to protect all parties and understands the business requirements to make the deal and assist directly without comprimising the opportunity. Highly recommended representation!!    

    Rob Jarriel, Sales DirectorSpectorSoft

  • I have not met a lawyer that understands the software business more than Jeremy. He especially understands the delicate art of contracting with large customers and is constantly looking for ways to simplify the process for all sides without compromising the deal.

    Tim Sparks, CEOCLMMatrix

  • Once again, Jeremy Aber did an excellent job. I really appreciate his concept – short, clear, exact agreements. The service is first-class. Even on complex issues, I get super-fast responses. I highly recommend Jeremy!

    Andreas Tremel, CEOInLoox

  • Jeremy is probably the most responsive and efficient business attorney I've ever worked with. Possibly beyond law, to include all professional services consultants or firms I've worked with over 3 plus decades. What I really appreciated is that he stayed on point and didn't ask a bunch of unrelated questions, or start the 'well have you thought about this' conversation - which most attorneys, experts or consultants try to pull to lure in a potential client on fear of unknowns and justify more billable time for some unnecessary advice or service that wasn't asked for. If you need an attorney with Jeremy's area of expertise, run, don't walk to Jeremy. Your business will be better off for it.

    Google Review May 2020 from Kenan Rappuchi

  • He took me by the hand and asked the right questions to learn about my business to provide me with a solution for my business. Needless to say, he has great experience and understands the SaaS business model. I'm looking forward for a long term relation with him for the years to come.

    Google Review 5Google Online

  • My partners and I started a new healthcare software company and needed legal help in developing a contract. We needed something simple and straightforward that would still give us the protection we needed. Jeremy is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. We will continue to use him every chance we get! You won't find anyone better.

    Google Review 4Reviewer

  • I decided to use Aber Law Firm because of what I saw on Jeremy's blog. I was apparent to me Jeremy had dealt with the issues of creating a Saas agreement that I was struggling with. Jeremy was very knowledgeable about software licenses. He finished everything quickly and was very personable. Using him gave me peace of mind that everything was getting done correctly. I highly recommend him for anyone needing a good software license agreement.

    Google Review 3Reviewer

  • Our company was launching a complex software development project and needed assistance in developing agreements that dealt with complex intellectual property issues, consulting arrangements, and new development methodologies. Jeremy's turnaround time was extremely fast and he provided excellent business as well as legal advice. He made sure that we understood the implications of our legal agreements and he did a fantastic job of looking out for our best interests. I highly recommend Jeremy!

    Google Review 2Reviewer

  • Our company has provided software and services to very large law firms for many years, and when we needed a solid SaaS agreement, we were lucky enough to find Jeremy. He not only understood the challenges of dealing with corporate lawyers, but he also understood how to craft balanced agreements that all parties could understand and accept. Responsive, practical, technically savvy and reasonable – what more could one ask for in an attorney?

    Google OnlineReviewer