Aber Law Firm – Aspirations


To become one of the top law firms representing Software, SaaS and IT companies on contracting, copyright and privacy issues.


Help clients spend less time contracting, and more time running their business.

Help clients understand their contracts, and take ownership of them.

Help clients protect their IP assets.



Client’s interests come first.

Do what is right for the client.

Communicate with clients often, openly, honestly and clearly, and expect the same from clients.

Under commit and over deliver.

Provide more value than clients pay for.

Be upfront about fees and offer fixed fees for projects.

Don’t charge more than the client expects or agrees to.

Don’t take on matters that another attorney is better suited to address.

Turn down legal projects that don’t fit the firm’s Mission, Vision or Values.


Disclaimer: Attorneys are subject to State Bar legal ethical rules, which may supersede these aspirations in certain situations.

Aber Law Firm – Aspirations