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Dallas Software Attorney



I am a Texas based attorney, but I have several clients in Dallas and the surrounding area.

If you are looking for a software attorney (or Dallas software attorney), make sure you find a software attorney who deals with these issues on a daily basis.  We find that clients are looking for a software attorney that really understands the software business (you know, how software works, and can speak with you in detail regarding how your software operates, data issues, restriction issues, security issues, etc).

We work with clients across the country on software issues (not only Dallas software clients), and have found many common issues and resolutions to those issues, and notice and keep up with the software and legal trends within the industry. We bring that experience to our software clients every day, and help them work through the issues and draft agreements consistent with their software models. For example,  we help clients with  software EULAs, channel agreements, drafting issues, interpretation issues, etc. We also have a plain English drafting style, which most software clients find very refreshing, and a true value add to their selling cycle (something that may be hard to find from a local Dallas software attorney).

I have provided a few links to some blog posts that I wrote, that may be helpful to learn more about software legal issues (whether you are looking for a Dallas software attorney or not).


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Dallas Software Attorney