Software or SaaS Company Copyrights!

Software or SaaS Company Copyrights!

Everything a Software or SaaS Company Needs to Know About Copyrights!

Ok, maybe not everything, but as a software copyright attorney I suggest that you read these five blog posts if you run a Software, SAAS or IT company. Let me summarize why.

First, you need to know how copyright fits in with other intellectual property.

– What is Intellectual Property?

Second, you should understand the basics of copyright law.

– 4 Things to Remember About Copyright Law.

Third, you should think through the benefits of registering your copyrights.

– 4 GREAT Reasons to Register Your Software for Copyright Protection.

Fourth, is it worth trying to obtain copyright protection for your software’s GUI?

– Can You Obtain Copyright Protection for Your Software’s GUI?

Fifth, do you know the difference between copyright and contract protection?

– Contracts vs. Copyright Protection. What is the Difference?

If you make it through these five, you should have a good sense of some of basics and important issues to consider regarding copyrights.

Great job! Class dismissed.

Legal Disclaimer:

This is for informational and educational purposes only, and is not legal advice.

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