SaaS Contract

Q: How are SaaS contracts different from end user license agreements?

  • SaaS Contracts should describe how your SaaS service works, and set the right expectations for usage. 

    • Usually no software runs locally, the customer has no (or little) control over the software.  That really is the nature of a SaaS business.
    • Each SaaS business is unique.
  • There is no license grant necessary in a SaaS contract.

    • SaaS contracts are usually term based (i.e. not perpetual).
    • You don’t need to grant a license in  most SaaS contracts, as the service is cloud based.
  • SaaS data is hosted by the SaaS provider and not the end user (at least most of the time).


  1. Make sure you work with someone who really understands the unique nature of your SaaS business so that they can help you can get your SAAS contract right!
  2. Oh yea, SaaS contracts don’t have to be complex or long, as they can be simplified and drafted in plain English.
  3. Below are some blogs posts that may be helpful in learning more about SaaS Contracts.


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SaaS Contract