Write Better EULAs and SaaS Agreements

Write Better EULAs and SaaS Agreements

How to Inspire your Lawyers to Write Better EULAs and SaaS Agreements?

It is not easy to inspire your lawyers to write better EULAs or SAAS agreements, but it is worth a try (I can say this as I am a eula attorney). Watch this short video about simplifying contracts; this speaker (a non-lawyer) did a great job of inspiring his audience (from the 2010 TED conference) and showing them that there is a better way to contract (hint: simplify, simplify, simplify). Did you get that? Hopefully I was clear enough.

As a software licensing attorney, I am always looking for great content for top software companies, and this is one of them. Try to inspire your lawyers to help you contract better, as software and SAAS companies need to find efficient ways to contract.

Remember: “Your contracts are too important to leave only to the lawyers!”

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Disclaimer: This post is for informational and educational purposes only, and is not legal advice. You should hire an attorney if you need legal advice, which should be provided only after review of all relevant facts and applicable law.

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