Simple SaaS Agreement


saas agreement


SaaS agreements are the agreements for any software based or cloud based ‘service.’ They are sometimes called Terms of Use, Terms of Service, Cloud Services Agreements, etc, but they are essentially the same thing.

Whatever you want to call it, get educated on the legal issues. I have lots of posts on my home page about simple SaaS agreements so take a read.

Let me tell you a little about our law firm, and how we are different.

  • We only represent Software and SaaS companies on contracting, copyright and privacy matters.
  • We draft agreements in plain English (your read that right).
    • This means our agreements are clearer and simpler for you and your customers to understand (i.e. help to sell more software).
    • We have actually figured out that this is a true trend in the IT industry, and we are helping software and SaaS companies to contract in a simpler and shorter manner with their customers.

Resources: Here are some useful simple SaaS Agreement Blog Posts.

Simple SaaS Agreement