If Google Can Do It, Why Can’t You!

If Google Can Do It, Why Can’t You!

Why aren’t your policies written so they can be easily consumed by your customers and employees?  Look, if Google, one of the largest and most sophisticated technology companies in the world can simplify their policies (in this case their Privacy Policy) then why can’t you (see this post by their Associate General Counsel regarding updating their Privacy Policy and Making it Simpler).  Yes you read it right, Google’s lawyers are trying to make their Privacy Policy easy to read, transparent and simple.

So let’s brainstorm.

What policies can you simplify today? Privacy Policy, Customer Support Policy, Licensing Policies, HR Policies, Sales Policies……keep thinking of more as you probably have others.

The key thing to remember is it can be done, but you have to ask for it (maybe demand it) from your attorneys (it does not come naturally to most attorneys) or whoever is drafting these polices.

Think…. bullet points, highlighting, short sentences, bold, plain English, Icons, FAQ,  etc. (Google did).

The big guys are doing this and maybe you should too!

Disclaimer: This is provided for educational and informational purposes only, and is not legal advice. Talk to your attorney for legal advice, as they should consider the pertinent facts and applicable law before providing any advice.

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